Rubble Removal FAQ

Rubble Removal FAQ

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The Rubble Removal FAQ webpage has answers to the most common questions. Rubble Removals Benoni get asked on a daily basis. If you have a questions you would like to ask us. Please Contact Rubble Removal Benoni and complete the online form. You can also visit our Client Testimonials page to see what clients say about us.

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No, we do not, we use municipal dumping grounds to dispose of your waste items.

No, we do not, as the rubble, we remove on a daily basis varies from job to job and cannot guarantee the building rubble you need.

There are 1.133 Cubic Meters in 1 ton depending on the type of material. For example sand, stone, tiles and bricks,

There are usually three team members per truck. The driver and two other team members who assist with the loading.

We don’t collect any hazardous waste materials including. Medical, biological, compact waste or nuclear waste materials.

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